Xupler is all about sharing the learning of my tryst with engineering, startups, and business. My journey from engineering at IIT Delhi to startup and then to MBA at Kellogg has given an amazing opportunity to analyze things from different perspectives and learn from smartest people around me. With Xupler, I aim to share my learning, analysis, and mistakes that could be helpful to you.

About Author

Hey Folks,

I am Ajitesh, the guy behind Xupler. I am a big Harry Potter fan, and someday I want to replicate the wand and apparition process in real life. Besides making stupid jokes, I have mostly worked at the confluence of technology and business throughout my career.

I did engineering from IIT Delhi, where I never realized a bunch of programming courses will become so vital in the future. At IIT, I also did a couple of business courses from MBA school, which pushed me to venture into consulting after graduation.

I worked in strategy consulting for a while, but then one day I realized, I couldn’t keep making slides!

As I was interested in solving a large-scale consumer problem using technology, I joined Fitso, which is a health-tech startup. At Fitso, I worked in a cross-functional team leveraging deep user research and product analytics to build a highly engaging app, which was awarded “Best App of the App Store” by Apple and “Editor’s Choice Award” by Google. However, Fitso wasn’t an overnight success. We failed multiple times and but somehow as a team we managed to keep a fine balance between pivoting and persevering.

For the next two years (2018-20), I will be at Kellogg School of Management learning marketing, growth, and product management from the world’s best in this field.

I am an avid cyclist and runners, and I enjoy reading non-fiction. However, in recent times, the snow and cold at Chicago have overpowered my zeal to run 😛