How to use Facebook page effectively for blog growth?

If you are a voracious reader like me, who reads every influential marketer blog, then I am not going to stop. But I will just caution you, it might not always work.

What will work for your audience is always unique. It might be counter-intuitive, and might be only tool to figure out is your data.

Here are some tactics that worked for us on Facebook:

Fuck optimum posting time!

Yes, that helped, avoiding the chaos of prime time. Your customers see your post in non-cluttered feed. It increases your click through rate. We were more focused on CTR, than reach, so it made more sense. But anyways, don’t go by the optimum time of 1 PM, 6 PM or whatever.

More importantly, the message is – no thumb rule can define the best posting time for your page – just experiments. This non-optimum-time strategy worked for us, but might not work for you. Let the data guide you, rather than these thumb rules.

Self-fulfilling prophesies exist

You use the word “viral” in blog title while sharing on Facebook, then people want to figure out why its viral, consequently it becomes viral.

However, your page must have authority to make people believe. You can’t just write “viral” in every facebook post , unless your are Buzzfeed or ScoopWhoop.

Buzzfeed always makes use of these sort of title – “world is going crazy over X”. While in reality, they make the world go crazy over X. Give the social proof, and they will come – works always in marketing. 

Our FB post with title “This Awesome Boiled Egg Diet Has Gone Viral” performed 5 times better in terms of reach than the same blog titled “Lose 11 KG with This Awesome Boiled Egg Diet”. However, there is no denying that you need high quality content. Clickbait without content will die sooner or later.

Trends, celebrities and controversy – the evergreen triplet

These topics are always mines of clicks. Good content around them works for both social media and organic traffic. Trump has given so many click to social media, that his entire empire can be created 10 times.

We owe huge amount of clicks to Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Milind Soman,Virat Kohli etc. People are interested in knowing about these celebrities both through gooogle searches and social media.

Picture speaks 100 word, but text on pictures just rocks

Picture on text always increases your CTR if done smartly. We learned this art from Buzzfeed. But be careful, if you are to run FB paid campaign for these posts; they don’t generally perform well. 

In India, SportsKeeda have perfected this art i.e. ‘Messi is second, check out who is first’. We have 200% more clicks in general for blogs with photograph and catchy text over it.

Why target single, when you have option of group – FB Group

If you are not using them, you are definitely missing on penniless reach and eyeballs. While in fitness, groups are extremely useful, they exist for every niche. In fitness people want community where that can share their activity and ideas.Hence, big communities with more than 100K users exist. Moreover, there are thousand of groups for every niche in fitness. Infacts, there are some city specific groups as well. These are great places to market niche, specific and targeted content. We even used bollywood groups to share the fitness stories of these celebrities. Find your niche and get huge audience for free!

Reaching out to non-active FB pages

This works. I had almost 10% conversion rate in this. Pitch to non-active pages that you want to contribute high-quality content for their page. Here is my pitch:

“I see you have posted quite infrequently in last 1-month. I can help you with some high-quality content. I can help you build engagement and increase audience. Let me know if that works”

Facebook post hacks
Example of one such pitch

Now I can post from 5-6 pages that have good reach. It’s again free reach.


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