Joining Google as Product Manager

I have an update to share. A few weeks back, I accepted an offer from Google for the Product Manager role. I would be joining August next year.

I’m incredibly grateful to get this platform to create, design, build, and code for everyone. The word “everyone” is really important to me. I want to work towards solving problems for everyone in the world, irrespective of status or geography.

I enjoyed my interview experience with Google, and I intend to share what helped me with my preparation. The best part of the interview were interviewers – passionate about technology and genuinely nice. One of the interviewers even volunteered to team up for my dream project of building the Harry Potter wand in real life.

I look forward to working with some of the best PMs in the tech industry on problems of global scale, and I intend to keep writing and sharing what I learn.

PS: I penned a heartfelt blog (“That was close”) after I failed at Google interview during internship recruitment 6 months back.


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Product Manager at Google | Kellogg MBA '20 | IIT Delhi Graduate

I am passionate about product management, startup, and fitness not in any particular order.

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